The Very Best

Posted by a Bianca, Attorney at Law,  11 days ago.I had a complex and challenging PERM/Green Card case, which had been mishandled early on by another attorney. A recommendation led me to Debbi Klopman, who stepped in and worked with tremendous speed and diligence to save the situation. I can say with certainty that I have my green card today because of Debbi’s efforts. Debbi’s experience, professionalism and intimate knowledge of immigration law make her an outstanding attorney, and her dedication, compassion and sincere enthusiasm for her clients make her an absolute pleasure to work with. She worked tirelessly on my case and somehow managed to make the terrible stress of the green card application feel manageable. Her creative problem solving at each stage of the process allowed us to overcome some of the trickier aspects of my case, ultimately leading to success.

I have worked with several good attorneys , but working with Debbi was hands down the best experience I have ever had as a client. This feels especially meaningful considering it was in connection with the most high stakes, anxiety-ridden matter with which I have ever dealt. I’ve referred others to Debbi Klopman, and will continue to wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her in future.


Excellent Immigration Attorney

Posted by Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, Producer, Antidote Films,  13 days ago.

Over the years I have worked with numerous attorneys in order to procure visas for cast and crew members to work on the films that was producing. Debbi was by far the most diligent, knowledgeable, and persistent attorney that have worked with in this regard. While most attorneys seem content to do as little as possible and produce generic applications, Debbi leaves no stone unturned to make sure that the application is as strong as possible. Given the pressures of making a film and the anxiety provoking nature of needing a visa in order to bring in essential cast and crew to work on the production, Debbi’s hard work and insight gave me confidence that we would get the visas we needed.


Excellent! Always on top of the case

Posted by Alex & Ivy, about 1 month ago.

She is very good. She is always on top of my cases. My family and I are very appreciated that our case have been gone so far although our case are very tough to handle. I am strongly recommended her for any immigration case.


Debbi Klopman was the angel lawyer that was sent to help me when I was praying in despair

Posted by Tong Min Tan, 3 months ago.

When I first heard that Debbi Klopman would not take an immigration case that has no chance of success, I knew I have to have her look at my case because that’s a lawyer with integrity!!!
She is extremely knowledgeble about the immigration laws even as it changes everyday( you know that’s hard work keeping up with all those changes), and she knows every details of the immigration application procedures inside out, so she will tell you exactly what to do/not to do if you want your green card.
As my case dragged on to 6 years due to 9-11 and other policy changes, I started to lose hope and self-doubt cuz there just never seemed to be any sign of light at the other end of tunnel. I would email her all these questions with a bit of my anguish and impatience all over the letter, and she always took the time to patiently answer all my silly questions, and tried to give me encouragement, and she would personally call me of any good news to keep my hopes up in my hours of despair.
Debbi Klopman is an incredible expert in her field, and she’s an angel


The best lawyer I’ve EVER met! Focused, results orientated, passionate, uniquely different and gifted beyond words!

Posted by CatrinaTiernay, JD,  7 months ago.

Debbi is a rare and unique person, who leaves an unforgettable impression. Meeting her was one of the most fortuitous events of my life. I have an advanced degree and always dreamed of living in NY and working in law. My case was very complex, and previous consultations I had with other attorneys left me feeling even more confused, misguided and hopeless about a successful outcome. Debbi was completely different to any other lawyer I’ve ever met. She is an incredible strategist and gifted at handling challenging immigration matters. There were so many seemingly insurmountable issues in my case, but step by step Debbi devised a plan to overcome each one (and DID!). The lady is a sheer genius! But what was most touching was the hope she instilled in me. She was never too busy to answer any questions I had, even if it was just to reassure me. I loved how she really included me every step of the way, and made me feel valued and important. She constantly kept me informed during this delicate and sometimes stressful process. I am delighted to announce that my H1B visa was approved today, thanks to Debbi’s hard work and unwavering commitment. I am so excited to be going back to NY, and commencing a new job in the civil rights field. I can’t thank Debbi enough for all she has done for me. She really cares about people and I highly recommend her for anyone who seeks the best possible outcome, as she is professional, honest, trustworthy and personable to the core.

Diligent, caring and professional

Posted by Tony D, attorney at Law,  8 months ago.

I am writing as an attorney and client. Debbi is one of the rare examples of an attorney who really cares about her clients and her/their success. She is extremely knowledgeable in her area of the law and is willing to admit when there’s a colleague who may be better suited for a particular matter–that’s honesty and professionalism. It was a pleasure working with her, and it is without reservation that I refer work to her.

Great and highly skilled Immigration attorney

Posted by Eden,  8 months ago. I’m so grateful to have worked with Debbi, not only she helped me and my company with two delicate immigration cases (both resolved), she also guided us through the process with her extensive experience since the first consultation until we succeeded with the cases. She was dedicated, fast, creative and compassionate. I will highly recommend her and I look forward to work with her in the future again.

Great Lawyer

Posted by Sean,  9 months ago.

I’m really grateful to have Debbi as my attorney. In my situation, my case is either being rejected or required more evidence by USCIS. Debbi helps me walk through this with her professional knowledge and passionate to help in a timely manner. Now, my case is approved, and I’m confident recommending Debbi to anyone that needs help on immigration services.


Complex H1b case

Posted by a Immigration client,  9 months ago.

Debbi explained my options regarding visas and we made a decision together on which visa to apply for. Mine was a difficult case, and she worked very thoroughly and very enthusiastically to put together a strong application in a timely manner. She kept me informed during the process and was always available for questions. Her heart is in what she does, and it shows.


Highly Intelligent, passionate, and winning lawyer!

Posted by Andrew Unsworth, Managing Member Delraymar LLC  10 months ago.

Debbi is a winner – a highly intelligent and effective lawyer who is truly passionate about her clients. She was successful in getting my E2 investor’s visa approved for my startup business, which requires real expertise. Debbi is a true professional, knows the law and stays abreast of the latest developments in an ever-evolving and often puzzling area of immigration law. I would recommend Debbi without hesitation for even the most complex cases.

Having established some roots in the US, but on H1B status, I lost my job and the options seemed limited to getting another job immediately or packing my bags and getting on the plane. In a panic, I called several lawyers, most brought bad news and had little empathy for my state; few seemed to care and were generally dismissive. I then had the good fortune to be referred to Debbi Klopman. Debbi agreed to meet with me the same day and listened with patience and care, calming me down and giving me hope! She patiently assessed my situation over a couple of hours and quickly developed a strategy for success.
Over several months Debbi guided me through the E2 visa process, which however painful, resulted in a winning outcome. Debbi did such a good job with my case, and was so fastidious with the details, and wise with the positioning that “we” were immediately approved. It really was a team effort from start to finish. In fact, Debbi often drove me to succeed at my business in order to better bolster our case.
The E2 process is very complex undertaking with strict requirements, and in many respects it can be so frustrating that giving up seems the only rational decision. Debbi helped me stay the course through some rocky patches and delivered in the end. Throughout the process Debbi was understanding, always willing to bear the brunt of my very vocal frustrations and talk me off the ledge to get things done. Debbi knows the law, is really smart and was very clever in shaping a case. Most of all, Debbi really cares about her clients and is a genuinely nice person.


She knows what she is doing

Posted by Konstantino, about 12 months ago

My company hired Debbi to handle my H1B Visa extension application and I have to say she knows what she is doing. She handled all that was required in a timely manner and I felt 100% confident that I am going to get the extension. It took less than a week to receive the positive response. I am very satisfied and I would definitely use her services in the future.


Professional Immigration Lawyer

Posted by Maya, about 1 year ago.

I’ve used Debbi’s services few years ago while working with another lawyer. She is the lawyer to go to when you need professional advice. Besides being current on all immigration issues, she truly wants to help her clients. I referred a couple of my friends to her, and will always do it because I trust her.


Thank you

Posted by Quentin Bernard, Fashion Designer  about 1 year ago.

I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you have accomplished in order to get my visa in such a short time. When I was offered this position in NY, it felt like I was never going to be able to make it to that country with a proper visa and it was a horrible feeling. You took the time to listen to me, understand my work and also all the personal things going on that happen when one has to move abroad. You gave me hope and helped me in building a strong case that you even got approved straight away!  I could not have come up with a case like this if not for the time you spent helping me. Even though I was in Paris and you in new York, it felt like we were working hand in hand and your quick replies meant the world at the time. I am now in NY working in a position I have long looked for and I owe it very much to you.  Thank you again, you have strongly helped change my life and did so in such a gentle and professional approach.
Quentin Bernard, Fashion Designer