The office handles non-immigrant visas for individual and corporate clients, immigrant visas in all employment based categories , DACA applications(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), immigration compliance issues, other employment based matters, hardship waivers, AAU and BIA appeals and other immigration matters.




  • O visas: The O-1 temporary worker visa status is designated for individuals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, arts or athletics and individuals of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture and television industries. (click for further details)
  • P visas: The P visa status covers aliens that are internationally recognized athletes, artists or entertainers but who are not able to qualify for O status.
  • J-1 visa programs: The J-1 Exchange Visitor visa may be used by those coming to the United States to study, teach, conduct research, or receive training. In addition, Corporations may develop training programs and utilize J-1 visas to bring over foreign nationals to participate in these programs
  • R-1 visas: The R-1 Visa is provided to individuals in religious occupations coming to the United States to perform services in their religious vocation. .
  • H2b visa: H-2b visas are utilized by aliens coming to the United States to perform work which is temporary in nature: Recurring seasonal need, intermittent need, peak-load need, or one time occurrence.
  • E visas: E visas refer to aliens coming the United States under Treaty Trader programs or pursuant to a qualifying Treaty Investment (click for further details)
  • L-1a, L-1b visas:  L-1 visas pertain to individuals who travel to the United States on an intra-company transfer (click for further details)
  • H-1b visas: H-1b visas are visas for aliens traveling to the United States to work in a Specialty Occupation (click for further details)
  • F-1 Student Visa Support

Frequently asked questions about non-immigrant visas.



The office obtains migrant Visas in all employment and family based categories as follows:

  • Schedule A Occupation (Including Nurses, Physical Therapists)
  • EB-1 Aliens with Extraordinary Ability
  • EB-1 Aliens who qualify as Multinational Executive
  • EB-2-Aliens who have Advanced Degrees
  • EB-2 National Interest Waivers
  • EB-3-Aliens in Skilled or Professional Positions
  • I-140 petition (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker)—consultant for other attorneys on “ability to pay” issues
  • Labor Certification – PERM cases for professional and unprofessional occupations
  • “Follow to Join” Cases
  • Immediate Relative Petitions: Consular Processing  or  Adjustment of Status

Frequently asked questions about immigrant visas.




  • “DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a program established by President Obama in June of 2012. DACA allows individuals In the U.S.
  • .who arrived before their 16th birthday and
  • .who are presently under 31 to file for work authorization and deferred action (protection from proceedings) for a two year period of time.
  • .This does not confer a non-immigrant or immigrant status on the DACA holder if it is approved but does allow the status holder to work legally.
  • .Other mandatory qualifications include:
  • . graduation from high school or G.E.D.
  • . an absence of criminal record which includes certain criminal offenses.
  • . the ability to establish his or her presence in the United States for the five years preceding June 15th, 2012 (the date of DACA was enacted) and also on June 15th, 2012



The Office Handles Additional Employment Matters:

  • I-9 Compliance
  • Workplace Enforcement
  • Social Security No Match Letters
  • Workforce planning Through Visa Application

The Office Also Handles Matters Arising In the Following Areas:

  • Diplomatic Visa Issues (A,G,M visas)
  • Naturalization
  • Re-entry Permits
  • Advance Parole Applications
  • Waivers: including HIV and 601
  • Motions to Reopen
  • Appeals to AAU (Administrative Appeals Unit)
  • BALCA appeals (Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals)
  • BIA appeals (Board of Immigration Appeals)

Please Note:

Ms. Klopman has a close working relationship with the Law Office of Cheryl R. David in Manhattan. Ms. David, a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Board of Governors and past New York AILA Chapter Chair,  handles most of the office’s exclusion, deportation and criminal immigration work.